Target RedCard Review [2024]

Irina Tsymbaliuk

Many retailers maintain loyalty programs and store card systems to offer an additional payment method to their customers and a bunch of lucrative benefits to get customers hooked for longer and improve overall shoppability. This is precisely what the Target RedCard is meant for.

Is Target RedCard a credit card? What is the Target credit card score? How do you maximize the use of your chosen card? In our article, we’ll shed light on these questions and more.

What is a Target RedCard?

What is a Target RedCard

Straight off the reel, the Target RedCard is a “closed-loop” or in-store card. You can use it only across Target stores and for online purchases on The RedCard is available in two versions to match varying customer needs:

  • Target Debit Card: This option links directly to your existing checking account and functions like a traditional debit card;
  • Target RedCard Credit Card: If you’ve ever wondered, “Does Target have a credit card?” here it is. Operating like a standard credit card, it allows you to avoid deducting funds from your bank account. Instead, you’ll receive a monthly statement for repayment. Initially issued as an in-store card, in a few months of responsible use, it can be upgraded to an “open-loop” Mastercard credit card acceptable beyond the Target network.

You can choose one of the versions when filing an application on the Target website. Yet, before you rush into any decisions, first, check the host of benefits each card offers to answer the question, “Is the Target RedCard worth it?”

Target RedCard Advantages

Target RedCard Advantages

Created to please frequent shoppers across the US, both Target RedCard cards share a set of benefits:

  • A $50 coupon for newcomers: All qualified applicants will get a one-time discount coupon after their debit or credit card approval. It can be attributed to any purchase over $50 in Target within 30 days upon approval;
  • Permanent 5% discount: The retailer offers a generous immediate discount for all RedCard purchases you’ll make in its stores or on its online platforms. Thus, if your Target monthly spending equals $1,000, you’ll save $50 in cash;
  • Prolonged return periods: For all returnable items, Target adds 30 days to a normal return period, which is a great chance to handle chaotic or non-planned purchases;
  • Free 2-day shipping: If you favor online purchases to save time and effort on offline shopping, Target provides a no-pay 2-day shipping option for a plethora of goods you can acquire on;
  • Savings on groceries and baby essentials: With the RedCard, you can save up to $675 on groceries annually and up to $500 on select baby products within the first year of life of your little one;
  • Exclusive add-ons: Target RedCard holders will receive individualized offers, special discounts, or some kind of extras during the year. Those add-ons might vary across regions, localities, and markets.

Notably, the RedCard debit card and credit card are integral to Target’s loyalty program. It means that as soon as you get one of the cards, you’ll be automatically enrolled in the program and gain access to its exclusive features.

RedCard Debit Card Pluses

To make our Target debit card review complete, let’s look into what makes this card a worthy choice. The card type per se is a beneficial option for those who want to reap the Target-specific perks without opening yet another credit card. Immediate fund withdrawals will help you keep an eye on your spending to avoid overdrafts. Besides, you won’t have to settle yet another bill each month.

RedCard Credit Card Pluses

If you need an option to pay for your purchases over time, the RedCard credit card with a 25-day no-interest delay period could work for you. With no annual fee in place, it won’t add to your monthly expenses.

Flexible qualification requirements, in contrast to other rewards credit cards, make the Target RedCard credit card a good alternative for anyone with a fair to bad credit score seeking to improve their credit history. Though starting with a lower credit line access, the RedCard credit card can be upgraded to the Target Mastercard with a higher credit limit acceptable not only within the Target network but also anywhere the Mastercard is valid. In addition, you’ll be able to earn 2% on dining and gas and 1% on any eligible non-Target purchases.

Target RedCard Disadvantages

Target RedCard Disadvantages

With a number of benefits on its menu, Target RedCard is not ideal and has certain considerations you need to take into account. Thus, its biggest draw is a “closed-loop” nature that limits its use beyond the Target. This restriction may deter customers who prefer getting more flexibility about their cards and want to be able to use them across different establishments.

Though the RedCard does provide some rewards and discounts, they are not as versatile as those offered by other credit cards. So, users may find themselves missing out on opportunities to gain more rewards on purchases made outside of Target.

Speaking of the Target RedCard credit card, it has quite a high APR of 29.95% that will nullify the power of a 5% discount and eat out a hole in your budget should you fail to pay off your balance in full each month.

Depending on your spending habits and preferred shopping locations, you can consider regular debit and credit cards valid across different retailers, entailing more extensive bonus programs. A prepaid card can also be an option for those who are reluctant to load their checking accounts with money for shopping consistently.

Final Thought

To draw a line, the Target RedCard packs a decent set of benefits for in-store shoppers. As such, it’s a real find for loyal Target customers who make most of their purchases within this retail network. In the meantime, occasional Target visitors, rather than seeking a card with a robust rewards program, might want to consider some other alternatives available on the market.


What is the APR of the Target RedCard?

The RedCard credit card comes with a 29.95% APR, which is at the higher end of the price range compared to other similar cards. So, you should be wary of this when transferring your monthly balance.

How do I apply for a Target RedCard?

The application process is a no-brainer. Just visit the Target website, tap “Apply” under the desired RedCard type (Target debit card or credit card), and follow the instructions on the screen.

Are there any fees associated with using the card?

Target RedCard cards entail no monthly or yearly service fees. Even the credit card comes without an annual fee.