GoHenry Debit Card Reviews: What You Need to Know

Irina Tsymbaliuk
GoHenry Debit Card Reviews

Only 33% of the global population is financially literate, which means that about 3.5 billion people find it challenging to manage their budgets, leading to issues like increasing credit card debt and insufficient savings. How can we turn this around? It’s crucial to start teaching financial literacy early, as soon as children begin handling their own pocket money. Tools like the GoHenry app and its associated debit card can make a significant difference.

What is a GoHenry card? It is a debit card issued in addition to a financial management app for children aged 6 to 18, naturally, with the participation of parents. And how does GoHenry work? In this article, we’ll find an answer to this question and explore the opportunities it provides to young users.

GoHenry Card Review: How Does It Help Learn Financial Management?

How Does It Help Learn Financial Management?

The GoHenry app offers numerous opportunities for children and teenagers to learn financial literacy. The service has been on the market since 2012 and has established itself as a reliable financial partner for parents in the United States and the United Kingdom.

Let’s consider some crucial GoHenry card features.

Various Ways to Top Up

Parents can manually top up their child’s GoHenry account at any time or set up automatic debiting of a certain amount from their card weekly or monthly. Third parties, such as relatives or friends, can also top up the card. This is very convenient when, for example, you need to congratulate a child on their birthday.

Visa Card Issuance

The service offers its clients the opportunity to obtain a Visa card, which can also be customized with a unique design. If desired, you can put the kid’s name on it and any image from over 45 available ones.

The card can be used to pay in online and offline stores and withdraw cash from ATMs without fees.

Parental Control

Despite some degree of independence provided to children financially, money with GoHenry remains under the control of parents. They can:

  • Set spending limits;
  • Define the places where the kid can spend money;
  • Receive notifications about their children’s purchases;
  • Block or unblock the card if necessary;
  • Manage up to four subsidiary accounts from one parent profile.

Opportunities for Learning and Savings

The service allows you to not only receive money and make purchases. Among its functions are numerous opportunities for learning financial literacy and saving funds. Among them:

  • Setting savings goals enables children to set aside a part of their pocket money;
  • You can make donations, including charitable contributions to the NSPCC—The National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children (UK);
  • Linking the GoHenry Card to Apple Pay allows payments from the account via smartphone. Note! This option is available for children over 13 years old;
  • The “allowance-and-chores” feature allows parents to assign tasks to kids, and upon completion, the children receive additional money;
  • The ability to earn interest on children’s savings. Parents can contribute to the account themselves—the company does not pay anything for savings. Therefore, if you want to earn interest on a deposit, it’s better to open a savings account at a traditional bank;
  • Money Missions tool. The platform offers users educational videos, quizzes, and stories. All lessons are divided by difficulty level depending on the GoHenry card age—6–11, 12–14, or 15–18.

The digital solution’s extensive capabilities and user-friendly interface have led to positive GoHenry reviews and the service’s popularity. However, when choosing to use it with your family, remember that this app is not free.

GoHenry Card Fees: How Much Will Users Have to Pay?

GoHenry Card Fees

GoHenry offers two versions tailored to the USA and UK audiences. Naturally, the tariffs and terms of their use will differ.

GoHenry offers UK customers a free one-month trial period. After that, you’ll need to pick a tariff plan: Everyday and Plus packages are available for £3.99 and £5.99 monthly per child.

The difference between them lies in the available functionality:




Earning on savings

Not provided

4.50 %


Not accrued

Accrued on all purchases in stores

Account top-up

Free once a month, 50 pence for other transactions

Free unlimited times

In other respects, the functions of the tool for users of both packages are the same.

In addition to the monthly fee, GoHenry has the following tariffs:

  • Visa card issuance—free; custom card issuance—£4.99;
  • Cash withdrawal at ATMs—not charged;
  • Foreign transactions—without additional fees.

In the USA, GoHenry also offers a free one-month trial period. The tariff plans differ slightly from those in the UK. The monthly service fee is $4.99 per child; however, if you have four children in your family, you can create accounts for each for $9.98.

Issuance of a regular Visa card for Americans is free, but if you want to order a custom card, you’ll have to pay $4.99. Other options, including international transactions, ATM withdrawals, and card re-issuance, are not subject to additional charges.

Please note: Information about GoHenry service tariffs is valid as of April 2024, when the article was written.

Setting Up a GoHenry Account. Getting Started with the Service

According to positive GoHenry card reviews, membership in the GoHenry community is simple and easy. To do this, you need to follow a few steps.

Step 1. Register an Account on the Platform

To do this, click the Start free trial button and enter your email address. Then, follow the instructions to register your account.

Register an Account on the Platform

Step 2. Activate Your Account

Log into your account and click on Activate Account at the top of the screen. Follow the instructions to set it up. After this, you’ll receive all the necessary details to operate the account: the PIN code for your child’s card and the login/password to access their account.

Step 3. Activate Your Child’s Card

Approximately seven days after registration, you’ll receive a debit plastic card. You need to activate it. To do this, click the Activate Card button in your account and follow the prompts. Make sure you have the card with you, as the system will require you to enter some of its data, for example, the last digits of the card number.

Step 4. Top Up the Parent Account

To ensure that money for completed tasks, pocket money, and interest for savings are credited to your child’s accounts on time, you need to ensure that the balance of the parent's account is always positive. Users can manually top up the parent account or set up automatic top-ups.

Step 5. Complete the Final Settings

Now, you can set up your child’s card: set withdrawal limits, limit places where the card can be used, and automate monthly or weekly top-ups from the parent account. After this, you can use other features, such as assigning tasks to children, setting fees, and earning interest on savings.

If users encounter any questions or issues while using the service, they can contact customer support via phone or email 24/7.


GoHenry is a tool that has been helping children and teenagers develop financial literacy, save, and earn for over a decade. It combines an “allowance-and-chores” app with a debit card that can be used for online and offline purchases and cash withdrawals from ATMs. Flexible parental control, various tariff plans, and numerous GoHenry debit card reviews make this tool definitely worth trying!