Greenlight Debit Card for Kids Review [2024]

Irina Tsymbaliuk

Personal finance is a complex and tricky field, even for adults, not to mention kids. However, the dynamics of the modern financial landscape dictate its own rules, calling for knowledge, resilience, and adaptability. So, teaching kids about money management has never been more critical. This is where the Greenlight debit card for kids comes in to help.

If you strive to raise financially smart kids, keep reading our Greenlight review to discover all the ins and outs of this unique card for teens.

What Is the Greenlight Card and How It Works

Greenlight for Kids is an innovative card that provides a controlled and supervised platform for children to learn the ropes of responsible spending, saving, and even investing. To be clear, Greenlight is neither a bank nor a credit union. It’s a fintech company, and the Greenlight debit card for kids is supported by Mastercard and issued by Community Federal Savings Bank.

To get a Greenlight card for kids, a parent should first sign up as a prime account holder. The registration process is simple and entails no credit checks:

  • Use your mobile phone number to register a profile on the Greenlight website;
  • Provide basic personal info and SSN along with the name of the kiddo who will use the card;
  • Link a debit card or bank account;
  • Put some funds into your Parent’s Wallet to load your kid’s sub-account;
  • Download the app to make use of parental control features. Notably, kids can download the app separately to access their Greenlight debit card’s functionality;
  • Your kid will get a card by mail within 10 days after the application is approved.
What Is the Greenlight Card

A single Parent’s Wallet can be linked to 5 sub-accounts for children. In practice, the Greenlight card for kids functions like any regular debit card.

Greenlight for Kids Key Features

Most Greenlight debit card reviews state that this card stands out as a holistic solution for nurturing responsible financial behavior in the younger generation. Here are the core card features that prove this statement:

  • Solid Parental Control: With Greenlight for Kids, parents are fully in control of their children’s financial journey. Using the app, they can set spending limits, define card usage (online, in-store, or at ATMs), and receive real-time messages for every operation their kids make;
  • Educational Opportunities: Through the app, youngsters can explore a range of features designed to foster financial literacy. They can set savings goals, categorize fund allocations, and even dabble in simulated stock market investing. On top of that, the app offers interactive quizzes and challenges, making the learning process engaging and exciting;
  • Money Management: With a smart system of incentives in place, kiddos can earn rewards for completing chores assigned by their parents. Rewards can be further allocated to their savings goals or used for spending. This approach encourages a sense of responsibility and work ethic while helping build and reinforce good financial habits.

Greenlight Debit Card Subscription Plans

Greenlight Debit Card Subscription Plans

With a bunch of control and educational features to it, Greenlight for Kids is not free of charge. It can be used only on a subscription basis. To cater to different user needs and financial objectives, the company offers a multi-tier system embracing three subscription plans.

  • Core Plan: At $4.99 per month, it provides access to the educational app, parent controls suite, the branded Greenlight Level Up set of online quizzes and challenges to develop and train financial skills, and a Lite version of the investment pack for parents, with no access for kids. The Greenlight Saving Reward option ensuring rewards for the funds stored in the savings account are limited to 1% per annum;
  • Max Plan: At $9.98 per month, this plan reinforces the entry-level subscription with access to investment for both parents and kiddos, a 2% Greenlight Saving Reward, and 1% cash back on purchases paid with the Greenlight card for kids and deposited to their savings account. A few other perks include Priority Customer Support to contact customer service in the blink of an eye when needed and solid protection against identity theft or purchase and phone fraud;
  • Infinity Plan: At $14.98 per month, you’ll enjoy all the functionalities of the Max Plan with some premium add-ons. Thus, you’ll get the most of the savings reward, earning 5% annually. Family location sharing, SOS alerts, and a crash detection feature ensure an added layer of protection.

Greenlight Card Reviews: Pluses and Minuses

Greenlight Card Reviews

At this point in our Greenlight card review, we’ll sum up the major benefits and drawbacks of this debit card for kids.

Greenlight Card for Kids Pros

  • Attractive rewards on savings: With most other similar cards for kids, it’s parents that should pay interest to incentivize and reward their children. The Greenlight debit card stands out from the crowd with its flexible system of rewards for saving;
  • Cash-back for spending: Available in higher-tier plans, this option is yet another feature that makes Greenlight for Kids much like any regular debit card, giving youngsters control over their expenses and showing how they can earn when spending wisely;
  • Accessibility for multiple kids: With a 5-kid limit for a parent account, this card is good for all types of families;
  • No hidden fees: Even international payments entail no extra fees;
  • Investment opportunities: Max and Infinity plan kids can dip their toes into the real world of investments by researching stocks and trading in ETFs.

Greenlight Card for Kids Cons

  • Monthly Fees: While standing on the lower side, monthly fees can present additional expenses for some families, especially those raising more than 5 kids and teens;
  • ATM Fees: Though the Greenlight card for kids charges no fees for ATMs, some ATM operators can have their own fees in place. You should be wary of that when withdrawing funds;
  • No investment option for a low-tier plan: Within the Core Plan, kids have no access to investing at all, and the parents’ access is limited;
  • International limitations: The card is allowed for international transactions, yet its use in some countries is restricted.


With the Greenlight debit card, learning about money is much easier and more exciting for kids and teens. It helps youngsters get the hang of money management and investment basics. And their parents can rest assured their children are equipped with the tools and knowledge they need to navigate the complexities of a digital financial landscape.


How does the Greenlight debit card compare to other debit cards for kids?

As compared to other cards for younger users, Greenlight for Kids boasts a wider range of customization options and sets more emphasis on teaching kids essential financial skills. Given its investment, savings, and rewards capabilities, this card is not only an educational tool but also a functional debit card, unlike its many other alternatives.

Does Greenlight ensure the security of kids’ accounts?

Greenlight prioritizes top security and employs advanced encryption and authentication measures to protect both parents’ and children’s financial information.

Can I use Greenlight outside the US?

Yes, the Greenlight card for kids is apt for international use. However, you should check their detailed list of countries where card operations are limited.